Born and raised in Seattle, my journey into photography began in my early 20s, sparked by my passion for urban exploration. Navigating the city's nooks and crannies looking for unique and often unseen locations and vantage points. I found a sense of beauty and connection to my environment that I was compelled to capture. The energy of the streets, combined with the raw beauty of the nature throughout the Pacific Northwest, became my muse. I found myself irresistibly drawn to capturing these contrasting environments, developing my own style along the way!

As a professional photographer, I draw on my background of exploring breathtaking urban and natural locations to inform my work. My specialty lies in integrating these epic locations into portraiture and lifestyle photography as well as capturing urban architecture. Always seeking to maximize the cinematic potential of locations  and styling my subjects within them. This passion for storytelling through imagery continues to drive me, as I strive to create bold yet authentic visual narratives for my clients.

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